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Digital Photography Summer Programs

There are many fun and interesting learning programs for kids during the summer break. Research has proven that summer breaks lead to learning loss when kids are away from school and there is a break in their regular academic routine. However, this break gives kids a chance to explore and discover new skills and interests.

There are fun programs for kids to attend during summer breaks. Digital photography workshops are held at various centers in Texas i.e. Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center in Plano, the Frisco Athletic Center in Frisco, and Older Settlers Recreation Center in McKinney. Students are exposed to composition, abstract photography, portraits, special-effects and still life with special emphasis on “lighting” which is an important part of photography. These programs focus on boosting creative skills and enhancing their ability to work in teams. Kids also learn how to express their ideas from a very young age and interact with kids from different schools, making them more social. Interacting with other kids also boosts their self confidence.

Summer programs also aim to inspire creativity in youngsters. When given new materials and equipment, kids show great interest in learning how to operate and create things. Kids learn to operate smart phones and tablets from a very young age and at times prove to be more tech savvy than adults. They operate gadgets with confidence and ease. Yet, parents are often concerned about too much exposure to gadgets and the increasing cell phone and tablet addiction in younger kids. This is another reason why summer programs can be beneficial in providing kids an outlet away from constant use of gadgets.

Programs aim at making the learning experience fun for kids, while at the same time enhancing their intellectual capabilities. When learning a new skill, kids adopt the basic concepts that they have learnt in school into that particular skill. Digital photography for example, allows them to combine components of math and science (shapes, lighting etc.) into their photographic creation and aim to bring out the passion of photography in kids.
To manage the loss of learning during the summer break it is important to find the right summer program to keep kids occupied and eliminate the negative impact on children’s learning skills.


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